Interesting online jam session..

2009-09-06 21:58:45 by Rottenbeard

So after having purchased reaper as my new DAW I found out it comes with an interesting plugin known as Ninjam, which essentially allows people to play/jam together over the internet in almost real time but in perfect sync. The program is fantastic and you can get some really awesome stuff going in it if you happen to find some good players with you.
At any rate, one of the recent jams me and about 4 or 5 other guys had was pretty good sounding so I thought maybe i'd share it. I don't want to put it on the audio portal since it clocks in at almost 14 minutes of random/unrehearsed playing and the quality already isn't that good, so chopping a 20 meg file down to 8 is only going to make it worse, but you can find the piece on my web server here: etjam.mp3

If you do listen to it, keep in mind it starts off pretty slow as it takes people some time to sync up and figure out what to play, etc. And yes, about half way through the song starts to take on a very pink floyd sort of sound, likely due to the bass line which is almost exactly the same as that from Another Brick in the wall (pt 2), but that's the nature and beauty of random unrehearsed playing, the fluidity and way the music will dynamically change over a given amount of time.

Anyone who hasn't heard of Ninjam should check it out, it's fun and it can help inspire you to do new stuff and try different styles in your playing :).


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