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This was superbly executed and fucking hilarious. I was crying with laughter when he cut the dogs leg off. Great music, excellent sound work, and the animation was top notch.

Can't wait for the next one!


This is exceptionally well done for a flash movie, I honestly didn't even realize flash could do this kind of stuff!

Perfect score from me, I thought it was great.

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Great, extremely addictive!

I've been playing this for the last 2 hours.. I have almost every trophy, and i'm trying to break the 1 million feet mark, i've hit 700k so far. Excellent design and art style, the physics work well. My only gripe is some more variety in music would be nice. The music is good, but one can only listen to the same song so many times..

Overall, i'm very impressed.

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Great stuff! Lots of interesting dynamics!

This is a really nice improv piece, I like how the piece slowly flows between different styles of playing, and the extensive use of the damping/sostenuto adds a really nice, fresh sounding change of pace throughout. The soft, contemplative leadout was a great way to cap the whole thing off.
Once again you've managed to create solo piano music that somehow doesn't bore me. Not sure how you do it, man, but keep it up, your playing ability is killer.


MrMusicalLion responds:

Thanks :D [shall reply more indepth soon, off on holiday for a week! Ciao ^_^ ]
Edit: Well I'm back from holiday and ready and eager to make more music :D Well more or less when I make music, it's like I'm quite literally dreaming, I go off into a little world of my own and I describe what I see, using the notes of the piano. I know exactly what you mean about solo piano music being boring.. it's because most of it really doesn't have much flair and is more or less just regurgitated...

The main theme for this piece is the way it casually flits about, like a feather blown about by the wind, at times it falls gracefully but then the breeze picks it up again and sends it on another whimsical journey

I certainly shall keep up with the music, many more planned to come ^_^ Thanks, as always.

So much emotion in the playing..

I love the contemplative feel of this. It baffles me that highly skilled musicians like you aren't rated higher on NG.
While from a technical playing standpoint this song isn't as impressive as your other song I reviewed (Spirited Steed), it is nonetheless extremely well composed, with again a great use of dynamics and a great deal of emotion put into the playing, which is where this track really shines ultimately. Lots of people can play piano, but few are able to convey emotion without it sounding boring or contrived.

I just wish this was longer! 1:33 is way too short :(

Please keep making stuff like this, you are very, very talented!


MrMusicalLion responds:

Ah yeah it is way too short, I totally agree, my keyboard actually broke whilst playing this xD Which sucks. I'll try and do another version sometime, when I fix my 'playing keyboard' [I have one for playing and one for composing.. the playing one broke..]

Thanks for the other review too, much appreciated :) When I play piano pieces like this, although it may not be technically skilled, it requires a lot of attention to precise pedalling and also, as you say, dynamics.

I promise I'll make a longer version of this sometime, as you can probably hear, the music was going somewhere at the end but cut short because my keyboard decided that it was time to die xD

As for being higher rated, well, I haven't been uploading stuff here for long, so let's see ;)

edit: Also, I totally agree with this statement: 'Lots of people can play piano, but few are able to convey emotion without it sounding boring or contrived.' I tend to listen to most other pianists and .. I find myself coming back feeling like I've eaten something that is half-cooked or burnt.

Thankyou again!

Brilliant. I love this!

A really superbly played piece. Your command of playing dynamics is fantastic, and overall the whole piece just flows really, really smoothly. I'd say you captured the image of what your friend envisioned pretty damned well.

Your ability as a pianist is truly impressive. Bravo!


MrMusicalLion responds:

Thanks Again :)
There are other improvs I have, that I would upload, but they are too long.. xD [I have some improvs that are 30 minutes long. Have done a 3 hour one before, but not recorded.] If you go to my YouTube channel [search MrMusicalLion] , you'll find a whole bundle of other stuff I've made :) Enjoy!

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Love the color combination and general feel of the entire piece. Definitely emits a sense of evil. Excellent! ;)

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